26th Annual Webby Awards April 5, 2022

The Best Content Series and Creators of 2022

Nominees for the 26th Annual Webby Awards have gone above and beyond creating groundbreaking, and inspiring content.

At The Webby Awards we draw our inspiration from the exceptional work of the Internet’s most innovative creators whose work drives us to innovate ourselves. For the 26th Annual Webby Awards, we’ve amended and added our categories to better reflect the exciting, unconventional, and outstanding stories being told by the web’s most original and impactful storytellers. 

Read on to explore a sampling of some of the Best Content Series and Content Creators, and see the rest of this year’s nominees. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite projects in The Webby People’s Voice Awards before Thursday, April 21st!

Best Creator Nominees

The Best Creator category is defined not by a single piece of content, but by a singular talent generating content of a consistently noteworthy quality. This year’s Nominees range from journalists transforming important news stories into bite-sized comedic takes to world-renowned cooking and from uplifting life coaches to innovative artists. Vote for them here!

His name is Dave Jorgenson, but most know him as the Washington Post TikTok Guy. WaPo made impressive inroads as one of the first major news publishers to embrace TikTok in its, thanks in no small part to Jorgenson’s humorous info-tainment. To date, Jorgenson has earned the paper 1.2 million followers and 51.3 million likes as of March 2022. Vote for them here!

Multi-hyphenate doesn’t begin to capture the breadth of influencer Kim Saira’s instagram presence. The young influencer merges elements of graphic design, art, activism, and coaching into a radical honest and progressive feed speaking to broad social justice issues as well as the personal immigrant experience. Vote for them here!

Warning to readers, you might not want to check out chef Nick DiGiovanni’s TikTok on an empty stomach. This charismatic creator has racked up an impressive 8.6 million followers and 246 million likes with mouth-watering recipes and encouraging cooking tutorials. Vote for them here!

Like the pointillism of Georges Seurat, or Alexander Calders’ mobiles and wire art, photographer/animator/papercrafter Rudy Willingham has built an impressive body of work based on innovative application of a specific artistic technique, blending stop motion photography with pop-culture paper cut outs. If it sounds hard to describe that’s because it’s so unique, but watch one video and you’ll get it immediately. Vote for them here!

Sharon McMahon bills herself as “America’s Government Teacher” and her followers, totally 845 thousand on instagram alone, lovingly refer to themselves as #Governerds. The amicable educator is known for her top-rated podcast and social posts which educate Americans, and the world over, on complicated civil issues in ways that instantly connect with her audience. Vote for them here!

Best Content Series Nominees

While for some the MoMA is known for modern paintings, photography aficionados recognize the profound impact the museum has had on capturing images without paint brush. Inspired by the amateur photo clubs of “Fotoclubismo: Brazilian Modernist Photography, 1946–1964,” the MoMA photo club challenged photographers of all skill levels to get outside and touch grass, capturing their experience in unfamiliar ways. Vote for them here!

The Israeli occupation of Palestine has been a difficult subject for American news media to cover in earnest, far too often equivocating and obscuring the ethnic cleansing and human rights violations committed by the far right Israeli government and supported by the United States. In this important, and saddening series, courageous journalist Sana Saeed looks at what U.S. media coverage has gotten wrong about recent events in Gaza, Sheikh Jarrah and occupied Palestine, and offers her own media critique. Vote for them here!

Vagina. Does the word make you uncomfortable? Before AnalogFolk launched Intensivao da PPK, a 28 video intensive course educating the people of Brazil on women’s and vaginal health, the very word vagina was banned from TikTok. From a sociology study destigmatizing vaginal infections, to a chemistry class explaining vaginal pH, this crucial series eradicates shame and sheds dire light on critical health issues not just for women, although especially for them, but also society at large. Vote for them here!

Life is for the living, but sometimes it feels like living is for the privileged. To encourage travel and empower average spenders to live life to the fullest, travelologists the Lonely Planet teamed up with tips-and-tricksters the Points Guys to dip into luxury travel, while also encouraging adventure seekers of all different means to make the most of their miles. Vote for them here!

Wanderlust is a wonderful thing, and the Points Guys know a thing or two about getting around. So much so that they snagged two notable nominations for this year’s Webby Awards, this time for their captivating series chronically multi cabin reviews comparing and contrasting different travel experiences on the same airlines. Vote for them here!

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