Vote for The All-Time Best Webby 5-Word Speech April 30, 2021

The All-Time Best Webby 5-Word Speech

At the 25th Annual Webby Awards, we’ll be honoring the best 5-Word Speech of all time—and you get to decide which one it will be.

In 25 years of The Webby Awards, we’ve seen iconic 5-Word Speeches from Internet pioneers like Vint Cerf (“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”), world-renowned artists like Prince (“Everything You Think Is True”), pop phenomenons like Miley Cyrus (“Stay Lit in Dark Times”) and so many more. Now it’s time to choose the very best!


To kick off the competition, launched in partnership with GIPHY Clips, we looked back over two decades of 5-Word Speeches, rounded up 64 of the most memorable, and put them into one giant bracket. It’s just like March Madness basketball—with a Webbys twist. Instead of games or points, your votes will decide which speech earns the title of All-Time Best. 

The bracket is broken up into four “regions” named after viral memes: Chocolate Rain, Grumpy Cat, Distracted BF, and #SaltBae. The competition will take place across six rounds (64-bit, 32-bit, 16-bit, and so on), all on The Webby Awards Twitter and Instagram Stories. 

For each round, we’ll post matchups of Webby Winners with videos of their speeches and polls where you can vote for your favorites (you can vote once per matchup on each social media channel). The speeches that nab the most votes will proceed to the following round—all the way to the final round on May 17th, when the last two Webby Winners will go head-to-head.

We’ll announce The Webby All-Time Best 5-Word Speech at The 25th Annual Webby Awards virtual show on Tuesday, May 18th at 3 PM ET, hosted by Jameela Jamil!

Check out the full bracket below, and make sure to follow @TheWebbyAwards on Twitter and Instagram to cast your votes!

(This article will be updated with up-to-date brackets so keep it bookmarked.)

The Webby All-Time Best 5-Word Speech Bracket Voting Schedule:

  • Round 1: 64 Bits – 32 Matchups – May 3rd-6th
  • Round 2: 32 Bits – 16 Matchups – May 10th & 11th
  • Round 3: 16 Bits – 8 Matchups – May 12th
  • Round 4: 8 Bits – 4 Matchups – May 13th
  • Round 5: 4 Bits – 2 Matchups – May 14th
  • Round 6: 2 Bits – 1 Matchup – May 17th