Winners Circle January 5, 2017

The Webby Awards Winners Showcase

Winning a Webby is timeless and should be lauded all year round. To keep with our mission of celebrating the best of the Internet, we put together this compendium of how your fellow Winners are continuing to promote their achievement.

Promote Your Win on All of Your Media Channels and Platforms

  • HBO Go celebrated both of its Webby Winning shows of 2015 with this PSA preceding all of its online video programming.
  • The HBO Go announcement was an inventive and subtle way of displaying its win.
  • For a series or channel, a Webby Win is a legacy honor—one that can be used and mentioned in all social and marketing promotion at any time.
FreshDirect Brings Its Webby-Winning Message Home

Brand Important Customer Touch Points with the Webby Awards Seal

  • FreshDirect brought the award-winning message straight to customers’ doors by emblazoning the Webby seal on all its delivery boxes.
  • By physically sharing its Webby Win, the online grocery delivery service sent customers a little bit of the Webby glory (along with their produce and snacks).
  • Looking to stand out in the crowded marketing space? Sharing your Webby Win will help retain and grow your customer base over your competition.

Include Your Webby Achievement in Promotional Copy and Online Descriptions

  • Things Organized Neatly announced its Webby Win by including it on promotional and Amazon pages. (And they know quite a bit about good things presented in the best possible order.)
  • One of the first things new customers see is that Things Organized Neatly is a Webby Winner.
  • A discerning online shopper will weigh a Webby Win as a positive reason to shop for your product or subscribe to your service.

Host Dedicated Pages for Your Award







Webby Winners Promote Their Wins with Press Releases, Blog Posts & Welcome Pages

  • Winning a Webby is nothing to be shy about. Winners such as Neymar Jr., TED, and The Hollywood Reporter were excited to get the word out about their recognition with dedicated pages and posts.
  • Creating unique content to display your Webby Win will not only boost your standing among your peers, but increase site traffic and engagement too.
  • VICE Media, Al Jazeera, Tasting Table, Kayak, Pitchfork, and many more have also shared their wins with their audiences across the globe!

The Webby Seal Is a Proof-of-Excellence

Incorporating a Webby Badge is a mark of excellence

Incorporating a Webby Badge is a mark of excellence

Only the best work receives one

Only the best work receives one

Webby Winners Show They Are Best-in-Class by Putting Webby Badges and Seals on Their Welcome Pages

  • The Internet is our brightest frontier for the arts, sciences, communication, and design.
  • For VICE Media & The Hollywood Reporter, putting a Webby Badge on their homepage was a key way to demonstrate their boundary-pushing work.
  • A Webby Badge is a certification of excellence on the Internet. Only the best work receives one.
  • Winners who similarly showed that they are among the top in their industry in distinct and alluring fashions include Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Urbanears.
Like The Weather Channel and TripAdvisor, R/GA Places Their Webby Win Among Their Highest Honors

Display Your Webby Wins in the Achievements, About, or Awards Sections of Your Site

  • When celebrating your accolades, a Webby Award imprimatur is a proof-of-excellence that you can proudly include among your most prestigious recognitions, as PBS did, counting it as one of their highest honors.
  • Your copy says you are a standard bearer. The Webby Award you share on your About or Achievements section of your site proves it.
  • Winners who similarly included their Webby Win on their Awards page include Tripadvisor, R/GA, and The Weather Channel.
Let Your Customers Know Your App Is Award-Winning

Sing Praises of Your Webby Win for Future iTunes Customers!

  • For Smithsonian Channel, adding the Webby seal to their product description drew the attention of potential customers who could now see that it was among the best apps on the market.
  • When comparing apps, one of the first things new customers will see is that your product is a Webby Winner. Done deal.
  • Super 8 & Mindbody similarly utilized their Webby Win on the  iTunes app page to demonstrate the excellence of their product.

Get Social & Share Your Win with Your Followers





Share GIFs, Tweets, Status Updates & Posts to Promote Your Win on Social Media

  • A Webby Win generates so many clicks, likes, and feels. Increasing awareness about your win via social media propels your work or brand to a newfound level of engagement and awareness.
  • Winners across all categories share their achievements. Grace Helbig, FreelancerInternational Film of Canada, and more all took to YouTube and Twitter to announce their wins and continue to remind fans and customers they are Webby Winners across all of their social channels.

Don’t forget you can watch all the highlights from the 20th Annual Webby Awards now!

We want you to get the most out of your honor. Send us examples of how your fellow Winners are telling their story, sharing their recognition, and celebrating their awards. Get the full Winners Showcase below.