The 20th Annual Webby Awards October 26, 2015

Tumblr Can’t Be Stopped

Join us as we look back at Tumblr moments that have shaped Webbys and Internet history.

With an outstanding 20 Wins and nominations, Tumblr has taken the once exclusive world of blogging and brought it to the people. Their motto of “Blogging for the people” couldn’t be more evident in their beautifully designed, user-friendly dashboard user face which has won Webbys in categories like Mobile Sites & Apps / Best User Experience, Web/Web Services & Applications and Websites/ Best Visual Design, to name a few.

Tumblr has changed the way the world communicates ever since it’s inception back in 2007, successfully combining micoblogging into a social network. It has evolved from a tumblelogging idea to one of the top social networks housing blogs that have made a significant impact on modern day culture and news reporting like We Are The 99 Percent and Webby-Winning blog Things Organized Neatly.

Join us as we look back at Tumblr moments that have shaped Webbys and Internet history. Like the time David Karp was all the buzz at the 17th Annual Webbys when he announced Tumblr was being bought by Yahoo or the moment when David presented Steve Wilhite with a Lifetime Achievement award, which brought us one of our most infamous 5-word speeches.

Thank you, my fellow teenagers.”
— Tumblr's 5-Word Speech (2015)
We couldn’t do it alone.”
— Tumblr's 5-Word Speech (2010)
Red heart, reblog, exclamation point.”
— Tumblr's 5-Word Speech (2013)

For the Call for Entries for our 20th Webby Awards, we have partnered with 20 Webby Winners – who throughout the past 20 years have shaped not only The Webby Awards, but the Internet itself. Read more about our 20th Webbys collaboration here. 


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