A History of Webby Awards Hosts April 24, 2017

20 Years of Webby Awards Hosts

The Internet's biggest party has had some incredible MCs. Check out the last 20 years of Webby Awards hosts.

The Webby Awards stage has always been home to amazing talent—and that includes the hosts. From Seth Meyers to Lisa Kudrow to Hannibal Buress and more, some of today’s best comedians and actors have graced The Webbys stage as hosts and helped us honor the best of the Internet in wonderfully weird style.

Check out these photo and video galleries featuring some epic host moments from the last 20 years, and get ready: The host of the 21st Annual Webby Awards will be announced tomorrow, Tuesday, April 25th, along with this year’s Webby Winners!

20 Years of Hosts with the Mosts

The Internet's biggest party has had some incredible MCs. Check out the last 20 years of Webby Awards hosts.

ROB CORDDRY, 9th Annual Webby Awards (2005)

Comedian and Webby Host Rob Corddry gave former VP (and Webby Lifetime Achievement Winner) Al Gore extra time at the mic, breaking the sacred rule 5-word rule of Webby acceptance speeches. (It was worth it.)

SETH MEYERS, 13th Annual Webby Awards (2009)

Now late-night host, and former Webby Host Seth Meyers offered up a dig at President Obama’s texting etiquette in his 13th Annual Webbys monologue.

B.J. NOVAK, 14th Annual Webby Awards (2010)

14th Webby Host and self-proclaimed actor from “BitTorrent’s The Office” B.J. Novak expressed anxiety about having to entertain an audience that includes astronaut and real live human moon-walker Buzz Aldrin.

LISA KUDROW: 15th Annual Webby Awards (2011)

Actress and 15th Annual Webby Host Lisa Kudrow offered her own spin on “new” Internet technologies.

PATTON OSWALT: 18th Annual Webby Awards (2014)

Three-time Webby Host Patton Oswalt pleaded with the audience, “Please stop looking at the Internet on your phones so I can talk to you about the Internet” at the 18th Annual Webbys.

HANNIBAL BURESS: 19th Annual Webby Awards (2015)

Actor/Comedian Hannibal Buress confessed at the 19th Annual Webby Awards that he only took this hosting gig because he needs someone to help him get that U2 album off his phone.


NICK OFFERMAN: 20th Annual Webby Awards (2016

In his 2016 Webby Awards host monologue, Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman joked about rumors that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was the “Zodiac Killer.” Ah, simpler times.


Highlights from the last 20 years
Celebrating 20 Years of The Webby Awards

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