26th Annual Webby Awards April 12, 2022

Webby People’s Voice Daily

A daily roundup highlighting the creative ways Webby Nominees are campaigning in the Webby People’s Voice Awards.

Did someone say best of the Internet? Nominees for the 26th Annual Webby Awards have been announced, and voting has started in The Webby People’s Voice! Every day during the public voting period, which ends on April 21st, we’re sharing the creative and fun ways that Webby Nominees are campaigning both online and off in The People’s Voice Daily! See the highlights below, and see the full roundup on our Instagram Story Highlight, or as a Twitter Moment @TheWebbyAwards.

Tag us in your posts and use the hashtag #Webbys for a chance to be included in The People’s Voice Daily. You can also send us an email at with your newsletters, podcasts or other media promoting your nomination. Here are a few highlights from week 1: 

Incite friendly competition, like Stephen Colbert.

Up against a strong opponent? Let that motivate you to promote your nomination, like host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. During a taping, he shouted his podcast’s nomination for best Interview/Talk Show Podcast, alongside The Problem with Jon Stewart. The take away? “It’s the Webbys, not the Friend-ies.”

Excite Your Audience, in the Studio and at Home

Also a contender for best Interview/Talk Show podcast is The Drew Barrymore Show! If you can, try a multi-platform approach like Drew, and promote your nomination in-person, on cable television, and across your social media platforms!

Use Your Voice, like The Washington Post

Before beginning a new episode of Post Reports, The Washington Post used the first 30 seconds of their episode to shout out their Webby nomination. That’s a great way to rally support from the people who already enjoy and engage with your work. Take a listen!

Use Animation and Motion Graphics, like BBH USA

Do you have a great in-house creative team? Try making your own video to promote your Webby nomination, like agency BBH USA. And make it easy for your audience to know which categories you’ve been nominated in. Bonus points if you use wit and humor—Holy sheep!

Make it Easy to Find Your Links, like Accidentally Wes Anderson

You can’t go wrong with calling out your Webby Awards nomination in your social media profiles, like Accidentally Wes Anderson. It’s the first thing you see when visiting their page, we love to see it.

Get creative with the Webby Voting Toolkit, like GIPHY did.

We love seeing the cool ways Webby Nominees are using The Webby Voting Toolkit, designed with Canva. GIPHY did what they do best: create fun gifs for the Internet to enjoy, and rally the support of their audience.


Leverage a celebrity or influencer if you can, like r.e.m. beauty

Ariana Grande’s r.e.m. beauty brand stopped the Internet and called attention to their Webby nomination by using her in their Instagram Story.


Congratulations to all nominees in the 26th Annual Webby Awards. If you are a current nominee, keep campaigning in Webby People’s Voice. If you’re a supporter, keep spreading the word for your favorite projects—voting closes on Thursday, April 21st!