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Winner Stories November 1, 2021

The Washington Post’s Dave Jorgenson on Bringing Hard-Hitting News to TikTok

Recognizing that the 143-year old newspaper needed to tell news stories in fresh ways, video producer, editor and writer Dave Jorgenson launched The Washington Post's official TikTok. One million followers and a dedicated team later, they show no signs of stopping. In our latest Winner Story, we asked Jorgenson about bringing political comedy to TikTok.

As a newspaper with sixty-nine Pulitzer Prizes, eighteen Niemen Fellowships, and a whopping 368 White House News Photographers Association Awards under its belt, the Washington Post has earned yet another stripe, this year’s Webby for Best Social Influencer, Dave Jorgenson.  

Known most for their hard-hitting political reporting, as the Post’s official TikToker, Jorgenson doesn’t shy away from sensitive, complicated, or controversial subjects. But on TikTok, Jorgenson, also known as “The Washington Post’s TikTok Guy” imbues his political commentary with a healthy dose of political comedy. And it’s a formula that’s working well with Gen Z’s digital savvy audience, racking up more than a million followers on the most emergent tech platform for a paper that was founded over a hundred and fifty years ago. 

We talked to Jorgenson about his approach to making TikTok’s for The Post, and why it’s important for traditional publications to have a presence on platforms like TikTok. In true form, Jorgenson answered our questions in a video format. Watch below!

Dave is also sharing his TikTok expertise across the Internet in his new book, Make a TikTok Every Day. It’s available now to purchase or download!