28th Annual Webby Awards April 23, 2024

Year in Review: A Look into the Most Brilliant Work of 2024

Harnessing new mediums or reimagining existing ones, the 2024 Webby Winners made major leaps in digital innovation.

It’s been a huge year for the Internet. We’ve gone full circle, innovated so much with digital that we’re exploring its next frontier. Creators industry-wide are unafraid of emerging tech, experimenting with AI, Web3 and XR with courage and fresh ideas. Teams created work that’s driving innovation, reimagining existing mediums and platforms into something new.

With sheer imagination, the 2024 Webby Winners took One Giant Leap into the Internet’s next chapter—pioneering with fun, authenticity and out-of-the-box thinking.

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It’s Not Just Hype—AI is Here to Stay 

It’s been a huge year for AI. Since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, the new tech has only skyrocketed in interest and curiosity from creatives across the industry. As we began to understand its relationship with human creativity further, we introduced brand new honors dedicated to recognizing outstanding innovations in AI. Pioneers in their own right, these projects experimented with emerging tech to create unique tools and develop critical resources.

For rappers and writers alike, a must-have AI-generated thesaurus from Google helping wordsmiths beat writer’s block.

Be My AI
The AI-powered visual assistance for people who are blind or have low vision.

Human or Not
Can AI pass for human? A gamified Turing Test helping us understand further the distinction between human creativity and machine.

Pure Imagination Across Inaugural B2B Winners 

Embracing a culture of unconventionality, B2B marketing has taken major strides in the past few years. Out-of-the-box thinking has transformed the space, plugging art and authenticity into the industry. To mark this moment, we introduced a suite of brand-new B2B Marketing honors in the 28th Annual Webby Awards, in partnership with LinkedIn. Creativity was the name of the game, as winners showcased their expertise by developing skincare, stunning audiovisual work and cinematic social media campaigns.

Showcasing expertise in waste management by creating skincare from industrial runoff.

Generation Vimeo
A celebration of Vimeo’s 15-year-long legacy of filmmaking.

The Adobe ‘I Love You, Acrobat’ Campaign
Hasan Minhaj and Adobe team up to show that we don’t really need paper in 2024.

Monoculture is Dead. But These Winners Still Went Viral. 

The Internet is fragmented, more than ever before. With everyone in their own niche, it’s that much harder for work and creatives to break into the digital mainstream. But these Webby Winners still managed to break the Internet, leading with revolutionary marketing and stellar visual work. The viral video may be a thing of the past, but these Winners are bringing it back.

Barbie The Movie
Instant viral marketing campaign that almost broke the Internet and ignited Barbenheimer.

Snoop Goes Smokeless
The campaign centered on unconventionality and an off-brand tweet from Snoop.

Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire”
A visually stunning music video featuring talented musician and artist, Olivia Rodrigo (it became an instant fan fave).

An Audio Renaissance 

Despite harsh projections, audio took giant leaps this year—we received a record-breaking number of entries in our podcast categories. Independent studios are creating high-caliber series with unique narratives. The spectrum of projects is expanding, from deep dives into science to entertaining talk shows and guides on health wellness.

A road trip with Sinéad O’Connor
An intimate trip with the late musician exploring her journey of relaunching her career.

The Bald and The Beautiful
Hosted by the iconic Trixie Mattel And Katya Zamo, a podcast about everything and nothing at all.

Can’t Afford Therapy Podcast
Deep dives into mindfulness, self-compassion and trauma.

TwentyOne 21: A Black AF Scripted Audio Comedy
A sci-fi comedic fiction podcast about two friends who think they’ll unlock powers on 12/21 because one of them saw it on X/Twitter.

Winners of the 28th Annual Webby Awards are Announced! 

See all of the 2024 Webby Winners in the Winners Gallery + Index! Explore our incredible group of Special Achievement honorees and see what Webby Judges had to say about this year’s cohort of Winners.