27th Annual Webby Awards April 25, 2023

Year In Review: Digital Trends Seen In Webby Winning Work

You might know how to describe the feeling you get when you see unparalleled work, but you can’t miss it when it’s there—it’s evident these Winners struck genius while creating their Webby-recognized projects.

That eureka moment is rare, and so is the feeling that comes with it. It comes when you embrace the chaos of the Internet. When you swim with uncertainty and find others who do so. When you know you’ve just eclipsed the status quo—then it’s suddenly there. These 2023 Webby Winners all took the plunge into depths not before reached by digital.

Different forms of emerging tech have been harnessed to tell stories imaginatively this year. More are creating work to improve the lives of folks worldwide—from providing moments of peace to sharing essential safety resources. They’ve even celebrated confidence and the energy that’s shaped a genre, taken on a more experimental approach, centered around community, combatted shame, and used tech for good. We’ve lined them up below, curated by the feelings they gave as we took a closer look at digital trends among this year’s cohort.

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Projects That Made Us Feel Excited & Bewildered 

Shakespeare ReVersed by Verizon
To call attention to how one in five women miss out on a promotion to a male colleague, William Shakespeare’s “Othello” was revived but reversed. The story was retold from a female lens in the animated AR musical Iago: The Green Eyed Monster

AI-Generated Docu-Series Narration by Resemble AI
From a 3-minute recording of Andy Warhol’s voice, Resemble AI developed the narration for The Andy Warhol Diaries.” Harnessing their complete generative voice AI toolkit, they brought Warhol’s story to life in his original voice. 

The Dream Tapestry by The Dalí Museum
Using Open AI’s text-to-image system Dall-E, Dalí Museum visitors can now generate visuals of their dreams in the style of the surrealist painter. Six people’s dreams became reality in the installation, The Dream Tapestry.

Projects That Made Us Feel Serene & Content

Therapy For Black Girls by iHeartPodcasts
Licensed psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford curates a weekly conversation on all things mental health and wellness in Therapy for Black Girls. In the latest season, Dr. Harden guided listeners through critical issues like trauma, impostor syndrome, boundary setting, and more. 

The How We Feel Project App
A nonprofit helping everyone understand their emotions better, The How We Feel Project expanded its work into an app. It creates moments where users can check in and connect with themselves throughout the day. It spots emotional patterns for deeper insight and gives resources to regulate emotions daily. 

Queer Sex Ed by It Gets Better Project
A lot of knowledge is found in conversations—especially those on sex, consent, and pleasure. While safe-sex resources for all are limited, it’s far worse for queer and gender-nonconforming folks. It Gets Better Project created Queer Sex Ed to change that through an unfiltered dialogue on sex and sexuality from real lived experiences.

Projects That Made Us Feel Confident & Energetic

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
In every episode of the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast, a new guest comes on to narrate the story of an inspiring woman from across the world through history. It also contains episodes with new stories of extraordinary women changing the world right now. 

The Almanac of Rap by Donwill
The Almanac of Rap is a weekly show chronicling rap and hip-hop trends, their origins, and their impact over time. Each episode features a guest who gives expert insight into the trend and new music inspired by its style. 

Lizzo’s Big Grrrls by Amazon Prime Video
In honor of Women’s History Month, Amazon Prime Video called on 33 artists to create an animated video honoring Lizzo and her dancers from the series Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. The result was a stunning reel of one of their performances—including stills of 3-D art and claymation.

Projects That Made Us Feel Playful & Creative 

Dinner with GOOP by Ajinomoto
MSG has long been viewed as a seasoning to avoid. Those who advocate for “clean eating” note that MSG is out. To dispel the misinformation, Ajinomoto and Jenny Yang kicked off #DinnerWithGoop. They sent a dinner invite to Goop to clear up the myths surrounding MSG. 

Moooi PAPER PLAY by Build in Amsterdam
Build in Amsterdam created PAPER PLAY, a digital experience highlighting the latest set of Moooi products. In a unique web build, the site gives each one a distinct visual and auditory identity through reactive vertical scroll, hidden interactions, and immersive soundscapes.

Get a closer look at this build in Crafted with Code, a collaborative showcase curated by The Webby Awards and WP Engine, highlighting Webby-recognized websites and the inspiring stories behind the sites.

Spellbound by Sweden by Visit Sweden
Spellbound by Sweden reclaims the mythology that’s captivated millions across the world. Visit Sweden framed the campaign on the huldra, a mystical entity iconized for haunting Swedish forests. At the center is an audio story about the creature that can only be experienced in Sweden through geo-locked Spotify links.

Projects That Made Us Feel Thoughtful & Appreciative 

BEING by Lemonada Media
A reality TV podcast series, BEING Golden and BEING Trans dive into the intricacies of navigating life while holding those identities. Each series documents experiences from real people, containing stories that give a deeper look into misunderstood and overlooked aspects. 

The Truth, Undressed by Canesten
Only 6% of UK women between 16 and 25 learn about reproductive health conditions in school. To combat the shame and misinformation, Canesten created The Truth, Undressed, a campaign to educate young people across social media, complete with a module in the national curriculum that contains an honest lesson on vaginal health. 

My BTS Story by YouTube
BTS only became a cultural phenomenon because of its massive global fanbase, ARMY. They are millions strong, and deeply connected with the music and each other. YouTube Shorts wanted to memorialize their impact by asking fans to share their memorable BTS stories with the hashtag #MyBTStory. With over 440,000 submissions, BTS compiled all the clips in a music video with their song, “Yet To Come.” 

Projects That Made Us Feel Fascinated & Hopeful 

Unplay the Hate by All Out 
When the World Cup was set to happen in Qatar, All Out—a global movement combating homophobia—wanted to send a message to FIFA. But since protesting in Qatar can get dangerous, they took the demonstration to FIFA World on Roblox. They organized the month-long protest, Unplay the Hate, in the virtual world to push FIFA to stand for LGBT+ rights. 

What Is Missing? by Maya Lin
To connect people with the real impacts of global warming, artist Maya Lin created What is Missing? It’s a multi-site digital experience that gives a close look at the fight to slow climate change—from a timeline of existing and extinct species on Earth, stories of success and climate positivity, and more. 

The Gentle Giant by Ad Council
Cutting through the intense polarization, The Gentle Giant portrays the life of George Floyd, told from the perspective of his sister, Bridgett Floyd. The narrative contains Bridgett’s accounts of George from childhood to adulthood, pulling verbatim from her memories in the script, set design, and cast. 

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