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Ray Wert vs. Rex Sorgatz: Don't Mess With Success  

Watch the debate about the Gawker Media redesign with Ray Wert, Editor-In-Chief at Jalopnik and Rex Sorgatz, new media guru. Join the discussion on Twitter using #webbydebates.

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  • Tablet: The New Battlefront

    Tablet: The New Battlefront

    Josh Topolsky and Lance Ulanoff explain the importance of the emerging Tablet market for Google and Apple

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    Android Censorship

    Josh Topolsky and Lance Ulanoff discuss how Google has censored apps from their Android Market

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    Can Closed Win?

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    The Future of Mobile

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  • Josh Topolsky

    Debater #1

    Josh Topolsky is an Editor-at-Large at Engadget. Read more about Josh.

  • Lance Ulanoff

    Debater #2

    Lance Ulanoff is the Editor-in-Chief at PCmag.com.
    Read more about Lance.

  • Laurie Segall

    The Moderator

    Laurie Segall is the latest addition to CNNMoney's tech team where she covers social media, startups, and the latest news in the tech world.
    Read more about Laurie.

  • We Can't Afford to Ignore Paywalls

    Premiere Episode

    Watch the premiere episode of The Webby Debates: You Can't Afford to Ignore Paywalls" featuring the editors of The Guardian and FT.com

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