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THE WEBBY DEBATES: Don't Mess with Success

June 7, 10am on the AOL Stage at Internet Week NY HQ

In 2010, Gawker Media shocked the Internet when the media juggernaut rolled out a company-wide site redesign. From Gizmodo to Deadspin, all Gawker Media properties were completely transformed, deviating from the structure that had become an industry standard. Some of Gawker's audience welcomed the change, other, so incensed by the drastic redesign, demanded a redaction.

Editor-and-Chief of Jalopnik, Ray Wert, will adress not only the changes in the sites design and layout, but also strategies behind the metrics of editorial traffic building; while Rex Sorgatz, internet personality and founder of Kinda Sorta Media, will suggest why the site redesign will be detrimental to Gawker Media.

The debate was moderated by Webby Awards Execitive Director David-Michel Davies.

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