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Honoring the best
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Winner Speeches

The Webby Awards' famous "5-Word Speech" keeps our celebrations vibrant and exciting. Below are winner and special achievement speeches from the 17th Annual Webby Awards, held in May 2014 in New York City.


Webby Special Achievement Awards

Obama Tech Team: "choose the duck sized horses. harper."
Steve Wilhite: "it's prounounced jif not gif"
Burning Love: "ladies and gentlemen.....Beyonce. gracias."
House of Cards: "the oscars, should do this."
Grimes: "this is more than 5 words."
Chris Kluwe: "treat others with empathy, bye."
Tribal DDB Worldwide: "We're hiring, send your resumes."
Jerry Seinfeld: "why 5 words? it doesnt......"
General Website
Tumblr - Webby & People's Voice: "fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck"
Glassdoor - Webby: "Be your own career advocate."
CNET/CBS Interactive - People's Voice: "Thanks CNET fans. Five Stars."
Personal Blog or Website
Hom Sweet Hom - People's Voice: "Remember: work hard, snak often."
Personal Blog/Website - Webby: "Finally, project managers won something."
Social Media
Google, Inc. - People's Voice: "Thanks, and Internet is Exciting!!"
CBS Interactive - Webby: "It's dangerous to go alone."
General Website - People's Voice: "antiestablishintatianism ?????????????"
General Website
Google Creative Lab - People's Voice: "keep sending us chrome experiments"
Best Home/Welcome Page
Code and Theory - Webby: "The Webbys are so Dujour."
Seso - Webby: "teachers and students..... thank you!!"
Website Features and Design
Vox Media - People's Voice: "teamwork ladies and gentlemen, teamwork"
MediaMonks - People's Voice: "Webbys worth spreading. Thanks everyone."
Nickelodeon - Webby: "Like Dora, we did it."
Religion & Spirituality
Huffington Post Media Group - People's Voice: "Salam, shalom, shanti, patchi, peace"
Religion & Spirituality
CNNMoney - Webby: "who doesn't love religion reporting?"
PBS - Webby & People's Voice: "now go outside and play!"
Car Sites & Car Culture
UrbanDaddy - Webby & People's Voice: "We thank our pit crew."
Consumer Electronics
Oakwood Creative AB - Webby: "What's the deal with awards?!"
Food & Drink
Big Spaceship - : "I can has Shack burger?"
General Website
Mashable - Webby & People's Voice: "crowdsource this speech. didtn work"
Professional Services
Working Not Working - Webby & People's Voice: "Working Not Working is working."
R/GA - Webby: "Huge Project. Amazing team."
Blog - Cultural
THE WEEK/mental_floss - Webby: "Kummerspeck! German for grief bacon."
Email Newsletters
artspace - Webby: "Art makes you more interesting."
General Website
Humans of New York - People's Voice: "still can't pay my rent"
Forbes - Webby: "96 year old startup. FTW"
Movie & Film
Ignition Interactive - Webby: "work hard, and, be humble."
Huffington Post - People's Voice: "Beats a Pulizter any day."
The Daily Beast - Webby: "Webby winners: United against cicadas."
Atomic PR - People's Voice: "I smell success. Thank you."
Financial Services/Banking
HelloWallet - Webby: "13,000 banks, one helloWallet."
Real Estate
Zillow - Webby & People's Voice: "Zillow is zucking awesome."
Hipmunk - Webby: "More travel options, beautifully presented."
TripAdvisor - People's Voice: "we're hiring, can you code?"
Activism - Webby & People's Voice: "Change is the only constant."
American Institute of Architects - People's Voice: "design does make a difference"
Blog - Political
The New York Times - Webby: "We predicted this in 1978."
Cultural Institutions
The Martin Agency - Webby: "go ahead. no. no. fine."
General Website - Webby: "apathy can kiss's tuckas."
General Website
IBM - Webby: "free the data, city forward"
JPL/NASA/Caltech - People's Voice: "No more jokes about Uranus."
MFA Program in Science & Nat. History Filmmaking - Webby & People's Voice: "It's not easy being green."
University of Pennsylvania Law School - People's Voice: "The go-to law school."
Juvenile Law Center - Webby: "We fight for kid's rights."
Truthdig - Webby: "This one's for Bradley Manning."
University of Chicago - IT Services - Webby & People's Voice: "Webbys trump Nobels any day."

Interactive Advertising

Augmented Reality
Realise Digital - People's Voice: "Live long, create, and prosper"
Auto & Auto Services
HudsonRouge - Webby: "Beck, Bowie, milk, Lincoln, thanks."
Best Copywriting
SS+K - People's Voice: "Made possible by Mitt Romney."
Best Use of Social Media
Lowe Brindfors - People's Voice: "Be nice and stay friends."
Best Use of Social Media
Volontaire - Webby: "Make it useful, helpful, beautiful"
Branded Content
Razorfish - Webby: "Kittens, Lasers, Trannys, and Unicorns"
Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns
Starcom MediaVest Group - People's Voice: "Happiness is saving polar bears."
Email Marketing
McCANN Erickson Colombia - People's Voice: "McCANN imagining to the world"
Financial Services & Insurance
Digitas - Webby & People's Voice: "Membership connects artists and fans."
Food & Beverage
MediaMonks - People's Voice: "Thank you to everyone involved."
Game or Application
wieden+kennedy - Webby & People's Voice: "Buy more old spice, seriously."
wieden+kennedy - People's Voice: "buy a lot of old spice"
VICE Media - People's Voice: "look inside, create and innovate"
AlmapBBDO - Webby: "wait....idea, fit in web."
Media & Entertainment
Legwork - People's Voice: "Thank you, Internet. Weird wins."
Online Guerilla & Innovation
Baker, Marquis, & Cheng, LLC - Webby: "We don't hate babies, honestly."
Happiness Brussels - Webby: "Happy people make great work."
Digitas - People's Voice: "I'm accepting on Maru's behalf."
Tourism & Leisure
Eleven Inc. - People's Voice: "People choose what they like."
Tourism & Leisure
DDB & Tribal Amsterdam - Webby: "Thanks, KLM, Tribal, DBB, MediaMonks"

Webby Film & Video Awards

Webby Special Achievement Awards

Film & Video Awards
Best Use of Interactive Video
The New York Times - People's Voice: "The new journalism is invention."
Best Writing
Stun Creative - Webby: "After party at my place."
Branded Entertainment Long Form
Pereira & O'Dell - Webby: "It's what inside that counts."
Branded Entertainment Long Form
Creative Artists Agency - People's Voice: "The polar bears are speechless."
Branded Entertainment Scripted
Eleven Inc. - People's Voice: "They're real and they're spectacular!"
Branded Entertainment Unscripted
Google Creative Lab - Webby: "People never cease to amaze."
Entertainment (Channel)
Crackle - People's Voice: "People are addicted to crackle!"
Experimental & Weird
Freq Productions - Webby: "Pole-dancing is not an experiment."
General Film Categories
ESPN - Webby: "sorry im not phil simmons"
General Film Categories
Funny or Die - Webby: "everybody should watch the wire"
General Film Categories
Ford Foundation - People's Voice: "equality, 38 states to go"
How-To & DIY
iVillage - Webby: "Full length speech on Vine"
How-To & DIY
CNET/CBS Interactive - People's Voice: "Perfect for our next project."
How-to & DIY (Channel)
Scripps Networks Interactive - Webby: "Every remodel tells a story."
How-to & DIY (Channel)
Stan Winston School of Character Arts - People's Voice: "Thank you! Turn it off!"
Tool - : "thanks from my dead butterflies."
MOCAtv - People's Voice: "I'm errupting with humble gradititude."
News & Politics: Individual Episode
VICE Media - Webby & People's Voice: "Narcos and polygamists don't mix."
Performance & Craft
PBS - Webby & People's Voice: "here's an idea...thank you"
Public Service & Activism (Channel)
The Uncultured Project - Webby & People's Voice: "Don't forget to be awesome."
Mary Pomerantz Advertising - Webby: "there's hope. we can help."
BBDO New York - Webby: "Thanks! Our pulses are racing."
Travel & Adventure
Sweet Pickle Productions - People's Voice: "We are looking distribution."
Travel & Adventure
The Vagabond Project - Webby: "Hong Kong, Beijing, where next?"
Amoeba Music - Webby: "You must Webby! Webby Good!"
Variety (Channel)
SoulPancake - People's Voice: "I'd like to thanků damnit."
Video Channels and Networks
Pitchfork - Webby: "damn son, where'd ya buy this?"
Video Channels and Networks
Huffington Post Media Group - Webby: "like cable news, only watch more"
Video Channels and Networks
The Uncultured Project - Webby & People's Voice: "some winners aren't online yet."
Video Remixes/Mashups
PBS - Webby: "It's good to be curious."