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15th Annual Webby Special Achievement Award Winners

About Webby Special Achievement Awards

The Webby Special Achievement Awards will be presented by the Academy at the 15th Annual Webby Awards Celebration
June 13, 2011 in New York City. All of the Special Achievement Award winners will attend to receive their honors.

LCD Soundsystem: Band of Year
Marty Cooper
The Webby Awards is thrilled to honor LCD Soundsystem as the Webby Artist of the Year for fully harnessing the power and scope of the Internet as creative visionaries and musicians. LCD Soundsystem’s announcement of their final show was met with such fervent response from the music community that fans took to the Internet to express their ardent appreciation for the band; the final show not only sold out in minutes but also crashed ticket-selling sites. The highly sought out tickets became such a commodity that LCD Soundsystem front man James Murphy denounced scalpers publicly on his Twitter account. In an ingenious and unparalleled move, the band teamed up with music site to live stream the final show in its entirety online for a global audience. LCD Soundsystem’s unparalleled decision to have the nearly 4-hour show live-streamed brought the online music community in a way only the Internet could, marking the night one of the most memorable moments online and off.

Dan Savage: Special Achievement Award
Dan Savage
The Webby Awards would like to honor Dan Savage with a Special Achievement award in recognition for his groundbreaking work with the multi-online media project, "It Gets Better." By fully embracing the Internet as the primary vehicle for the "It Gets Better" project, Savage's message of social advocacy in the LGBT community expanded beyond anyone's imagination and reached viewers across all corners of the world. Under Savage's fearless leadership, the "It Gets Better" has taken on a life of its own and has grown organically online into what is one of the largest, crowd-sourced video projects today. It is undeniable that Savage's nurturing of the Web as a universal platform for social change has truly made an impact online and off.

Marty Cooper: Lifetime Achievement Award
Marty Cooper
The Webby Awards is thrilled to honor Marty Cooper with a Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a pioneer in the wireless communications industry, an inventor, entrepreneur and executive responsible for creating the first portable cellular phone in 1973. He is cited in the Guinness Book of World Records for making the first cellular telephone call.

Watson: Person of the Year
Marty Cooper
The Webby Awards would like to honor Watson as the Webby Person of the Year in celebration of his groundbreaking scientific and technological achievements as the most comprehensive question-answering computer system. As the first computing system with an unparalleled handle and understanding of the natural language, Watson captivated millions as he competed on the game show, Jeopardy!, ultimately becoming the first non-human champion. It is undeniable that Watson has open the floodgates for advancement in all future computing systems, which is undoubtedly deserving of recognition and praise.

Funny or Die
Marty Cooper
The Webby Awards is pleased to honor Funny or Die as Film and Video Artist of the Year in recognition of its full embrace of Internet culture as a vehicle for comedy and original video. Undeniable leaders in online film and video and humor, Funny or Die swept the competition this year and claimed 9 Webby Awards in multiple categories. Lauded for its original content from comedy giants Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and more, Funny or Die facilitates user participation unlike any other site by strongly encouraging fans to vote on which videos meet their landmark standard of “Funny” or “Die.” The organization’s willingness to push the envelope as video artists and comedians has elevated them to the top of their genre online and off, spawning such spin-offs as a UK sister site and a television show on HBO. It is undeniable that Funny or Die have and will continue to impact the comedy world with its incessant risk-taking and simultaneous irreverence.

Red Burns: Lifetime Achievement Award
Red Burns
The Webby Awards is thrilled to honor Red Burns with a Special Achievement Award. She is an Arts Professor and Chief Collaborations Officer for the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Professor Burns founded the department in 1979, and until 2010 served as the Chair. In 1997, she was named Tokyo Broadcasting System Chair.

Wieden+Kennedy: Agency of the Year
Weiden+Kennedy is the winner of the Agency of the Year Award in the 15th Annual Webby Awards. The Agency of the Year Award recognizes the most successful agency across all Webby categories including interactive advertising, websites, mobile sites, and online film and video. With nearly 10,000 works entered from all 50 US states and over 60 countries around the world and nearly one million votes in the Webby People's Voice Awards, the 15th Annual Webby Awards is the biggest in our history and continues to be the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet.

RED WEBBY: Ushahidi
This year in a unique partnership with (RED), The Webby Awards is proud to present a Special Achievement award for the outstanding use of innovative technology for social good. The (RED) Webby Award recognizes an organization that uses an online platform to affect change in the real world.

The (RED) Webby Award is being given to Ushahidi in recognition of its incomparable use of open source software as a tool to promote social activism. Ushahidi's unparalleled use of social media and interactive mapping has not only provided useful information in emergency efforts like the Haitian earthquake but has also empowered many by democratizing information and increasing transparency.

Groupon: Breakout of the Year
The Webby Awards is thrilled to honor GROUPON as Breakout of the Year. Groupon negotiates huge discounts with popular businesses, sending the deals to thousands of subscribers in a free daily email.