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5 Things You Should Know About Chris Milk

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IADAS member and virtual reality auteur Chris Milk is changing the way stories are told and art is made.

You won’t find a more staunch evangelist for virtual reality than Chris. Speaking at an infamous TED Talk last year about VR’s potential for change, he said: “VR is a machine that makes us more human.”

Milk began his career in music videos and traditional filmmaking before becoming a pioneer in immersive art. A natural storyteller, Milk helped push virtual reality technology into popular use by working with Webby-Winning media brands, like The New York Times, VICE Media and Saturday Night Live, to explore new ways to convey a message, express an idea, and share an experience—all with you at the center as an active participant.

As for a mission statement, on the Here Be Dragons (formerly VRSE.WORKS) site, there’s this: “Now, in our time, you can actually walk a mile in another man’s shoes.”

It’s Chris Milk, perhaps, who’s walked the most in the journey to actualize VR.

You can follow Chris Milk on Twitter and Instagram. Check out his work and that of his colleagues on the Within and Here Be Dragons sites too.

Making groundbreaking VR experiences or great Film & Video content? Enter the 21st Annual Webby Awards today and have work judged by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences who, besides Chris Milk, count Head of Industrial Design at Oculus, Peter Bristol and David Coz, Co-Inventor of Google Cardboard as members.

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