Best of the Internet October 1, 2019

Best Webby-Recognized Work from Canada

Dive into 9 great Webby-recognized projects produced in Canada, one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index.

As one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index, Canada is home to the world’s best digital projects, and the creatives behind the work. Recently, we highlighted the five top-performing Canadian companies in last season’s competition, however there many more projects deserving of praise. 

At The Webbys we continuously recognize the teams creating the world’s leading online work. So we’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite projects from Canada that have been honored at The Webby Awards over the last few years. 

See the work below, and enter your own before the Extended Entry Deadline for the 24th Annual Webby Awards on Friday, February 7th!


9 Webby-Recognized Projects from Canada

Dive into 9 great Webby-recognized projects produced in Canada, one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index.

The Away Game by Zulu Alpha Kilo

2019 Webby Nominee: Sports (Video)

Cue the smiles and maybe one tear: Kenya’s first and only hockey team, the Ice Lions, had no one other team to play. So Tim Horton’s found them opponents, and flew the Ice Lions out to Canada to play their first away game—alongside some of their favorite pro hockey players. This feel good project was nominated for a Webby last year.

OK Google by The National Film Board of Canada

2019 People’s Voice Winner: Technology (Video)

This cute Social video follows the journey of one father, Brett Gaylor, and his 5-year old son’s Google voice searches. Watch as his son’s mind expands, and Brett realizes he now has a chronological audio diary of his son’s growth.

Schitt's Creek Social Media by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

2019 People’s Voice / Webby Winner: Television & Film (Social)

It’s difficult to get the entire Webby Awards team to agree upon on show or movie. But one show we collectively love is Schitt’s Creek. Last year CBC won the Webby Award and Webby People’s Voice Award for the Schitt’s Creek social media pages. We have not choice but to stan.

Nuclear Dissent by Jam3

2019 Webby Winner: Best Use of Video or Moving Image (Websites)

Threats of nuclear attacks should be taken seriously, and the damaging effects fully outlined. Jam3 produced this Webby-winning website that lets users experience the battle to end nuclear weapons testing in VR/360º panoramas.

Mixtape of You by No Fixed Address

2018 Webby Winner: Best User Experience (Advertising)

No Fixed Address helped Canada’s boom 97.3 radio station created a unique experience for listeners: Mixtape of You lets those who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s create personalized mixtapes of their favorite tunes.
The Long Dark by Hinterland Studio Inc.

2018 Webby Winner: Best Writing (Games)

The Long Dark swept the games category at the 22nd Annual Webby Awards, with 5 honors total across the competition. Play this game and see if you can survive the frozen wilderness.

SickKids VS - All In by Cossette

2018 Webby Nominee: Brand Strategy (Advertising)

In order to obtain 5,000 monthly donors to rebuild Toronto’s Children hospital, Cossette created a campaign starring an army of “real” sick children fearlessly leading the cause.

My Dead Dad's Porno Tapes by Charlie Tyrell

2019 Webby Winner: Documentary: Shortform (Video) 

Hilarious and heartfelt rolled into one, Charlie Tyrell created a short documentary of sifting through his deceased father’s possessions, in an effort to understand him—and uncovers generational patterns, NSFW tapes, and more.

Dada Data by Akufen

2017 Webby Nominee: Best Visual Design – Aesthetic (Websites)

This project celebrates 100 years of the Dada movement, through an interactive website. From producing readymades to hand out to Dada followers, to harvesting their data in interesting ways, this Webby-nominated project should be experienced.