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The 2019 International Webby Winner Index

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The second annual International Webby Winner Index showcases the top-performing companies in key countries from the 23rd Annual Webby Awards, and ranks the top companies with the most Webby honors per country. 

Every year, The Webby Awards receives an impressive body of over 13,000 entries from more than 70 countries, giving our team a window into the companies, individual creators, and teams that are making the most innovative work on the Internet around the world.

To celebrate the companies and teams having the largest impact on the Internet across the world, here is the second annual International Webby Winner Index* (below). The data-based project showcases the top-performing countries from the 23rd Annual Webby Awards (2019), and the top companies within them with the most Webby-recognized projects.

To do this, we analyzed where top and diverse Webby-winning work comes from outside of the U.S.—and which companies make them. *Countries are listed in no particular order. 

Chart Explainer: Each chart below showcases the wins/nominations/honors a company received and we’ve categorized the type of work they were recognized for.

Additional Note: We’ve highlighted one piece of work created by each of the Webby-honored organizations below, however to see the full breadth of their projects, check out all their work in Webby Winners Gallery.

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