Best of the Internet October 1, 2019

Best Webby-Recognized Work from Sweden

Dive into 9 great Webby-recognized projects produced in Sweden, one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index.

As one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index, Sweden is home to the world’s best digital projects, and the creatives behind the work. Recently, we highlighted the five top-performing Swedish companies in last season’s competition, however there many more projects deserving of praise. 

At The Webbys we continuously recognize the teams creating the world’s leading online work. So we’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite projects from Sweden that have been honored at The Webby Awards over the last few years. 

See the work below, and enter your own before the Extended Entry Deadline for the 24th Annual Webby Awards on Friday, February 7th!


9 Webby-Recognized Projects from Sweden 🇸🇪

Dive into 9 great Webby-recognized projects produced in Sweden, one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index.

Slow Down GPS by Forsman & Bodenfors

2017 Webby Nominee: Technical Achievement (Advertising)

To combat the fact that 65% of Scandinavian drivers speed near schools, Forsman & Bodenfors created the Slow Down GPS navigation app. When drivers are near schools, the nav’s switches into a childlike voice.

Adam by Unity Technologies

2017 Webby Winner: Branded Animation (Video)

Unity Technologies’ film “Adam” tells the story of a robot who becomes free for the first time in a post-apocalyptic world, only to discover there are so many others like him. The breathtaking animation film took home the Webby Award for Branded Animation in 2017.

Air View by Rodolfo Agency

2017 Webby Nominee: Best Visual Design – Function (Websites)

It’s important to know the air quality surrounding you. To help people better understand the toxins we put into the air, Rodolfo Agency created an interactive website that tells you the air quality of your city, in real time. Check out the project, and find out what air you breathe.

The Original Brushes of Edvard Munch by Abby Priest

2018 Webby Nominee: Digital Campaigns (Advertising) 

Abby Priest and Adobe wanted to inspire artists by letting them paint like master German expressionist painter, Edvard Munch. So they digitized the 100-year old original brushes of Munch, and made them available as a Photoshop Brush Kit. See what people did with the tools.

Absolut Vodka Never Gonna GIF You Up by Sebton Co

2018 Webby Nominee: Native Advertising (Social) 

Want to grab a drink with your friends? Absolut Vodka has a GIF you can use to text them. In the Webby-nominated project, Sebton Co created over 200+ GIFs and uploaded them to Absolut Vodka’s GIPHY channel.

Download a few and check out the project.

#InYourName by Edelman Deportivo

2018 Webby Winner: Best Influencer Endorsements (Advertising)

In 2018, 6 out of 10 Swedes still couldn’t name a single Swedish football player for their national team. So, Edelman Deportivo collaborated with players on the Swedish National Team to swap the names on their jerseys with inspirational quotes to inspire a new generation of female athletes.

Billboards Beyond Borders by Åkestam Holst

2019 People’s Voice Winner: Online Guerrilla & Innovation (Advertising)

Åkestam Holst‘s Webby For Good-recognized project used Google Maps to digitally replace popular billboards in countries in which freedom of speech is under threat, with quotes from journalists who have been silenced. The campaign was effective, although it only lived on Google Maps for 72 hours.


Give a Beep by Edelman Deportivo/Hövding

2017 Webby Winner: Best Social Community Building and Engagement (Advertising)

To help frustrated cyclists biking through the streets of London, this project created a new and improved biking bell for cyclists. Each time they experienced a frustrating moment on their commute, they flicked the bell, and it sent an email to their Mayor’s office.

Ikea Responds to Balenciaga by ACNE

2018 Webby Winner: Real-Time Response (PR) (Advertising)

In one of our favorite projects from the 22nd Annual Webby Awards, ACNE helped IKEA respond to Balenciaga’s new  “Carry Shopper” that resembled the famous IKEA Frakta plastic bag. In cheeky social posts, they helped customers identity the original IKEA bag from it’s “lesser” cousin by Balenciaga.