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Webby Podcast January 24, 2023

S10 E9: Marta Tellado of Consumer Reports

In the final episode of Season 10 of The Webby Podcast, our host David-Michel Davies speaks with Marta L. Tellado, who is the President and CEO of Consumer Reports–the trusted independent publication working with consumers to hold the market accountable.



Consumer Reports has been the quintessential force fighting for laws and policies that protect consumer rights since 1936. To continue this iconic legacy, Marta Tellado has led the charge to shift Consumer Report’s focus to the digital marketplace. With no existing complete framework for digital consumer safety, Marta’s work has become critical in shaping a fair future for consumers on the web. 

Webby Podcast host David-Michel Davies spoke with Marta on Consumer Reports’ shift into the digital, the importance of educating younger generations on the protections they’re allowed as consumers, and what safeguarding consumer rights look like in today’s digitized world.