LISTEN: Webby Podcast April 5, 2018

S2 EP 4: Jim Halloran, Chief Digital Officer, GLAAD

Jim Halloran joins us to discuss his vital work at GLAAD advocating for LGBTQ rights in the digital age, working with tech companies to build ethical platforms, and more. 

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When a video of Debra Messing’s 2017 GLAAD Awards speech was bombarded with a hailstorm of vitriol that mirrored alt-right rhetoric, it set off red flags for GLAAD’s Chief Digital Officer Jim Halloran. Upon closer inspection, he discovered an online mobilization of individuals using YouTube’s AI algorithms to flag and remove LGBTQ-related content.

Jim joins us to discuss that moment, how AI technology is harming LGBTQ communities, and the ways tech companies can create ethical platforms for vulnerable users.

The episode takes a deep dive into a critical issue of our era: How do we create technology that is equitable and safe for all who use it?  Listen here.

LGBTQ rights are digital rights, and digital rights are LGBTQ rights. We firmly believe that.”
— Jim Halloran Chief Digital Officer, GLAAD

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