28th Annual Webby Awards April 9, 2024

Webby People’s Voice Daily

A weekly roundup highlighting the most creative ways Webby Nominees are campaigning to win big in the Webby People’s Voice Awards.

It’s Webby season again—the 2024 Webby Awards Nominees have been announced, and voting has started in the Webby People’s Voice Awards. Get ready to join the Internet public in deciding who will win the title “Best of the Internet.” 

From now through Thursday, April 18th, we are sharing the most creative ways Nominees are campaigning online in the People’s Voice Daily. See our highlights below and view the full roundup on Instagram @thewebbyawards!

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Highlights from Week One 

Corporate Erin Calls for a Voting Touchbase
Our favorite office team leader, Corporate Erin (or Manager for the Managerial Logistics of Management for McManagement), is nominated for a Webby! She scheduled an emergency touch base with her team (posted a Reel) to get the votes she needs to win her category, Social, Comedy—and throw friendly jabs at her fellow Comedy nominees: Spotify, ABC, AARP Studios, and Netflix.


#CorporateErin is nominated for @The Webby Awards 🎉🎉 voting link in bio. Stick around for the full five minutes as Erin gives her critical feedback to all of the other nominees in her category one by one. #CorporateLife #WebbyAwards Voting will be brutal. I’m not asking you to be agiest, but AARP Gen X series panders. Netflix is a joke on tiktok is a joke. The Five Late Night White Kings of Comedy don’t need anything else and well Jimmy Kimmel – who would you rather hang out with for a day? Voting is messy and I plan to slander every one of my opponents mercilessly. Thank you all for playing along and let’s vote and do what has to be done.

♬ original sound – Lisa Beasley

Ezra Klein Rallies his Listeners
In his latest episode, Ezra Klein took a moment before jumping into AI to shout his nom and called on his community to help him beat the competition. Vote for The Ezra Klein Show and his fellow Interview/Talk Show Nominees: The Assignment with Audie Cornish, On with Kara Swisher, Oprah’s Super Soul and Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. 


Yoko Ono Shares Her One Wish
Yoko Ono, the multi-talented Japanese artist and singer, took to X/Twitter to rally her followers to vote for her project, Wish Tree, a digital tree on which anyone can memorialize a wish with a piece of paper. Vote for her and fellow Technical Achievement Nominees: Hello Monday/DEPT®, Haus, A-O, and Locomotive.


Lizz Rante Cast a Voting Spell
Digital creator and storyteller, Lizz Rante, used a bit of magic to make sure she snags a Webby, calling on her coven (followers) to help her reach the top. See her and fellow Nominees for Weird: Effin’ Birds, CDM New York, Niceaunties and There, I Ruined It.


Replying to @____rewardiffound____ My Coven, you got this witch nominated for @thewebbyawards! If you could please vote and then return to your cauldrons🖤 . . . #witchtok #story #webbyaward

♬ Creep – Radiohead

Maine’s Most Famous Dog Gets Some Good News
The Internet’s cutest pitbull, Tatum—of—called for support from his community, sharing his adorable and honest reaction to his nomination. Vote for him and fellow Nominees: @PupperNelson, Effin’ Birds, National Geographic and B & T Creative

I am nominated for a WEBBY AWARD

♬ original sound – Tatum Talks

Kara & Scott Shout their Nom on “Pivot”
At the end of yet another insightful episode of “Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway,” excitedly shared the big news with their listeners, nudging them to vote for their podcast.

Other Podcast Shoutouts from “Wakanda Forever” and “Odd Lots”
How do podcast nominees grab listeners’ attention? Share a quick minute-long call to action on the platform they’ve sprouted entire communities from.

Post or It Didn't Happen—Nominees Take to Instagram

@immortal_amc for \

@immortal_amc for "Interview With The Vampire"

@cnncreate for \

@cnncreate for "Forward Better"

@questlovesfood and @twoonefive for \

@questlovesfood and @twoonefive for "Quest for Craft"

@harrypotter and @wizardingworld for Social

@harrypotter and @wizardingworld for Social

Winners of the 28th Annual Webby Awards Announced

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