26th Annual Webby Awards April 28, 2022

5-Word Speech Crowdsourcing Day

Help your supporters help you make the Webby Awards stage. Join us online for #Webby5WordSpeech Crowdsourcing Day on Thursday, May 5th!

On Thursday, May 5th, we’re inviting all Winners to participate in #Webby5WordSpeech Crowdsourcing Day!

The hallmark of The Webby Awards is the 5-Word Acceptance Speech. While all Winners get a chance to record and upload a 5-Word Speech, only some will get to do it live on stage. Interested in making the stage? Here’s our advice: Make the most of five words. Pack a punch. Make it funny. Use a little creative license. Be serious. Or keep things light.

It’s a lot harder than it seems. So let your fans and community do the hard work for you. 

What you get back could land you on stage, like 2019 Webby Winner Mr. Wash for his project with WeTransfer. In the past, Webby Winners like Pod Save the People’s DeRay Mckesson, Webby Best Actor David Harbour, Mueller, She Wrote, And That’s Why We Drink, and more have participated.

This event always trends widely and has been promoted to the hundreds of thousands of fans who voted during People’s Voice. Don’t miss out! Tweet or DM us with questions at @thewebbyawards.