PR Tips

Ready to get the word out? Make sure the right people know about your Webby Nomination.

Devise A Plan

Now is the time to promote your nomination—and your success—by doing targeted outreach to a wide variety of national, local, and online media. Here are some tips:

Write and distribute a press release highlighting your nomination. We’ve got the national media covered, but you can develop and implement media campaigns to generate attention, including broadcast, print, radio, online media, and blogs.

Pitch yourself for a feature story at pertinent media outlets. Use your Webby nomination as a news peg for the media to cover your success, growth, and future plans.

In all your media outreach, you’ll want to include key facts about The Webby Awards, which you can find here.

If media need official Webby press photos, videos, or additional media resources, you’ll find those in the Webby Press Room.

Feel free to reach out to from our PR team at Sunshine Sachs for more information or tips.

Nominees for Webby Awards range from famous—or infamous, as the case may be—celebrities to groundbreaking tech companies, mobile apps and games.”
— CBS News