Nominee Promotional Tips

Congratulations, you're a Webby Nominee! Now comes the fun part: telling everyone on the Internet that you're a Webby Nominee. Here are tips to make the most of your nomination, throughout the year. the news and encourage people to vote for you.

1. Launch a Social Campaign

Webby People’s Voice may be over, but the fun is just getting started. Celebrate your nomination, all year long and launch a social campaign. Put your nomination in your Stories, in a LinkedIn post, as many times as you can in a Tweet – wherever. Check out our People’s Voice Social Media Tips for more tactics you can use to run a successful People’s Voice campaign.

Don’t forget to tag us @The Webby Awards on LinkedIn, Instagram, Threads and X/Twitter so we can amplify your posts!

2.  Add Your Nomination to Your Website

A little online makeover can go a long way. And you can easily call attention to your Webby nomination by sprucing up your homepage. Create an asset shouting out your nomination to use on your homepage, or add one of these Webby site badges that we’ve created for you.

See how past Webby Nominee The Perfect Loaf shouted out their nominations.

The Perfect Loaf during the 23rd Annual Webby Awards

3. Dispatch the News to Your Readers

Do you run a Substack or send a weekly newsletter? Spread the news to your subscribers through a dedicated email, and encourage them to vote for you. As people who already enjoy your work, you subscribers are likely to support you and share it with their circles as well. A few tips: try to reach as many people as possible, and get personal! People want to know what being nominated for a Webby Award means to you.

4. Update Your App and Podcast Descriptions

If your app, social series, platform or podcast has been nominated, try plugging your Webby nomination in your descriptions in your app store listing, videos, or podcast episodes. If you run a podcast, try updating your podcast sticker as well.

See a few examples of how Nominees have updated their descriptions, like DJ Cummerbund.

5. Write a Blog Post for Your Site

Another easy way to call out your Webby nominations is to write a blog post. Post it on your homepage, get creative with the messaging, and you can also share that post everywhere.

6. Use Digital Ads, Everywhere

This is another easy promotional tactic—place digital ads across your website, app, platform and more. Previously Nominees have used roadblocks.

7. Shine In Your Email Signature

Have your team highlight their Webby nomination in their email signatures!

More Resources:

Every day during the public voting period, we’re sharing social media highlights featuring the creative ways that Webby Nominees are promoting their nominations. You can find the People’s Voice Daily in our Instagram Story Highlight, or as a X/Twitter Moment on @TheWebbyAwards.

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