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Winner Promotional Tips

Congratulations—you've won a Webby Award! Use these tips and resources to ensure the world knows about your Webby win.

1. Launch a Campaign Across Your Social Platforms

Winning a Webby Award is a big accomplishment that can take your business or organization to the next level. Don’t just take our word for it: 80% of Winners say more people talk about their work because of their win.

Center your win year-round in your marketing and comms strategy–and your first stop, naturally, should be social media. To start, look at our Webby Awards Winner Kit, which includes ready-to-post assets you can use to spread the news. Download the Winner Kit to start your (not so humble) brag. check out our Winner Social Media Tips feature to help kick off your campaign.

We love nothing more than highlighting Webby Winners. Tag us @TheWebbyAwards on LinkedIn, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and X/Twitter so we can amplify your posts!

2. Issue a Press Release

To make the most of your Webby win, devise a targeted outreach plan to hit a variety of national, local, and online media. A good place to start is distributing a press release for your Webby Award win. This is a key part of developing your media campaign to generate attention from broadcast, print, radio/podcast, and online outlets. To help, we’ve put together a sample press release template for Webby Award Winners.

Use our Media Resources. In your media outreach, you’ll want to include key facts about The Webby Awards, which you can find here. If media outlets need official Webby press photos, videos, or additional resources, you’ll find those in the Webby Press Room.

Reach out to our PR team at Sunshine Sachs Morgan & Lylis for more information or tips: webby@ssmandl.com 

3. Put a Webby Winner Logo on Your Site

A little online makeover can go a long way. Call attention to your achievement, and spruce up your homepage with one of these Webby Winner site bages we’ve made for you. See an example of how 2019 Webby Winner Made to Measure put the Webby Winner logo on their project page for “Slender Bodies.”

4. Dispatch the News to Your Readers

Do you run a Substack or send a weekly newsletter? Spread the news of your achievement through a dedicated email, and communicate the significance of Webby Award win. Your subscribers have supported your work and your journey through Webby People’s Voice voting, so they’ll be thrilled to learn the news! Here’s a tip: Try to reach as many people as possible, and get personal. People want to know what this moment means to you.

5. Talk About it on Your Podcast

If you run a podcast, the best place to advertise your Webby Award win is on your podcast! Your audience wants to know that you’ve achieved something great, so don’t be humble. Use your intro to talk about your win, Keep It! Co-hosts Ira Madison III, Louis Virtel, and Aida Osman.

6. Make Blog Posts, Articles, and Press Releases to Celebrate Your Achievement

Once you’ve won a Webby, it’s time to spread the news. 2019 Webby Winner Circle3Productions shared their achievements with supporters through blog posts on their website and updating their homepage. Crafting original content lets you tell the story of your Webby-winning work, and remain true to your brand’s voice while boosting engagement, site traffic, and overall support.

7. Spice Up Your Email Signature

Have your team highlight their Webby win in their email signatures. It’s the last thing people read in emails—why not end on a high note?

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