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Winner Social Media Tips

Social strategies to help spread the exciting news of your Webby win.

Congratulations, you’ve been named a Winner in the 27th Annual Webby Awards! The first step is to inform the right people about your achievement.  

You have been named “best of the Internet”—that’s an incredible accomplishment. Now it’s time to spread the exciting news of your win. As you can guess, your first stop will be social media. We’ve compiled a few fun ways to promote your Webby win across social media. 

1. Nothing Humble About This Brag

Being recognized by The Webby Awards is a big deal. The 27th Annual Webby Awards received nearly 14,000 entries from 70+ countries around the world, and over 2.5 million votes cast by 600,000+ users in Webby People’s Voice. Your work stood out from the pack for being truly exceptional. You deserve to celebrate the online work you’ve created. Not only that, but your community is excited to celebrate with you. So make it easier for them by sharing the big news and making it easy for them to share as well.

2. If You Didn’t Post It, Did It Really Happen?

Posting on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and wherever else you are “social,” is a no-brainer when promoting your Webby win. It’s no small feat to win a Webby Award, so that gives you automatic bragging rights Instagram is a good first stop for promoting your Webby win on social. Create a fun photo or special graphic with your Webby Awards trophy, like the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. Bonus points if you use pets. 


3. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Find inspiration for your campaign in Instagram’s dedicated Reels tab, and play around with the many editing tools available. We also recommend looking through Story Stickers for polls, countdowns, questions and more features for engaging with your audience in fun and meaningful ways. Be sure to include the custom-GIPHY Webby stickers we have created over the years.

4. Share Amazing Videos & GIFs

Be as bold as you want with your graphics, you’ve earned it! See cool animated videos and GIFs created by past winners like Oui Will (below) promoting its big win.

5. Use Webby Dynamic Shares

Here’s one that’s super easy to do: Click the dynamic share buttons next your work in the Webby Gallery + Index, and boom! You’ve shared the news of your win to Facebook or Twitter. OK GO did it—you can too.

6. Speak from the Heart

Sharing cool graphics is great and recommended. But, a heartfelt message about what your Webby win means to you (like Super Deluxe’s tweet) also goes a long way.

See What Other Winners Are Doing:
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