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5-Word Speech Tips and Sharing

On Tuesday, May 19th, All Webby Winners will have the opportunity to make a 5-Word Speech during our first-of-its-kind Internet Celebration. There are a few things you need to know to make a good speech. Read below.

1. Recording Your Webby 5-Word Speech

As a reminder, Webbys From Home, hosted by Patton Oswalt, will take place on Tuesday, May 19th at 3pm ET. All Winners will receive an email containing two personal URLs that will take them to the Webbys From Home website to watch the experience and record the following speeches:

Your Official 5-Word Speech: After recording, this will be uploaded to The Webbys From Home viewing platform, so everyone at home can follow the celebration. Note: This is the official speech that will represent your organization, so send it to whoever should be the face of your organization / your award-winning work.

Your Team’s 5-Word Speech: Your entire team will have the chance to record a speech as well! Give this link to anyone who worked on the project, so they can record their own 5-Word Speech, for a super personalized experience. Note: This will NOT live on The Webbys From Home site, but it’s for you and your team to keep. 

2. Uploading Your Own 5-Word Speech

If you choose to upload your own 5-Word Speech, instead of using The Webbys From Home platform, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Your Video Will Be Square: You can record a horizontal or vertical video on any smartphone, but keep in mind it will be cropped into a square file format.

Format Matters: You can also upload an H264 file

Keep it Under 10MB: All videos need to be under 10MB in order to upload. And please, keep it to five words 🙂


3. Tips for Recording a Great 5-Word Speech

Tips for Recording a Great 5-Word Speech

You only get 5 words, but they can say so much. Below are tips for recording a great speech during The Webbys From Home, with examples from past winners.

Find Your Light

This year speeches will be recorded at home, so paying attention to lighting is important. Tap into your inner influencer, and set up a good space with the right lighting.

You can use sunlight, a lamp, etc. Just make sure we can see you, and that you aren’t backlit.

It's Cool to Be Square

As mentioned, all videos will be cropped into a square on The Webbys From Home site. So, make sure your background is only filled with things you’ll want memorialized forever.

Cute plants, Webby trophies from past years? Cool! Your dirty clothes hamper…maybe that can stay out of frame.

Be Creative.

Unexpected speeches are most memorable. There’s 5 words right there. From custom props to wedding proposals to elaborate costumes, these are the moments that go down in Internet history.

Be Poignant

Say something meaningful. This is your chance to send a message into the world…even important life lessons, like 2019 Webby Video Person of the Year Issa Rae.

Be Clever

Think: How does this roll off the tongue? Rhyming and alliteration are good places to start!

Be Funny and Weird

Aim for the LOL. Comment on the news, joke about the industry, insult your CEO. Embrace irony, ironically. Be ridiculously topical. Let your freak flag fly and project your weirdness loud and proud.

Play With the Format

Restrictions can breed creativity. Use the limiting format to your advantage.