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World Tarot Day

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Features & Design - Best Use of Video or Moving Image / Nominee


Active Theory

Features & Design - Best Use of Video or Moving Image

Translating a traditional tarot reading experience while staying true to the roots of the practice. Elly McIlwraith, Head of Production

Q: Can you briefly describe your project and the concept behind it?

A: In celebration of World Tarot Day we teamed up with YouTube to create three interactive tarot readings. Choose from Love, Wellness, and Fortune themed readings guided by YouTube creators prominent within the community. Inspired by the themes of the 22 Major Arcana, browse through the reimagined tarot deck and you may discover your favorite creator alongside your fate!

Q: Once you settled on your idea, what influenced your decision on the chosen technical approach?

A: As we progressed through the project, we saw an opportunity to elevate the creative by shifting from the conventional approach of video playback in the browser towards something that incorporated 3D and video masking techniques within the experience. This campaign inspired us to explore the boundaries of what is possible in the browser by blending several of these techniques into one seamless experience.

Q: What were some of your biggest learning and takeaways from this project?

A: The importance of collaboration in establishing overall art direction. Every technical decision was also informed by how we can best represent the deep tradition behind Tarot while also uplifting the creators who made this concept possible.

Q: What web technologies, approaches, tools, or resources did you use to develop this experience?

A: WebGL, App Engine, Web Share API, webcam input, video masking. We utilized many custom interactive and visual techniques that we have developed over the years together to bring the experience together for the best visual experience in the browser.

Q: How did the final product meet or exceed your expectations?

A: We were able to give back to the growing Tarot community on YouTube while honoring the creators pioneering this space! Tarot with YouTube serves as a way to introduce Tarot readings to a more mainstream audience, while giving fans the ability to dive in deeper and discover more about themselves alongside their favorite creators.
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